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"The important thing in the Olympic Games, is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in life, is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well. To spread these precepts is to build up a stronger and more valiant and, above all, more scrupulous and more generous humanity."   
-  Baron Pierre de Coubertin


The Virginia International Gymnastics Teams began in 1988 to provide aspiring gymnasts the opportunity to develop their talent in a well-rounded, wholesome manner with emphasis on sound, progressive fundamentals. The team was conceived by Jim Roe, a former member of the United States National Coaching Staff and wife Mary, coach and former competitive gymnast.


We offer USA Gymnastics training from levels one through elite! No matter what level you seek, you can find it here!


Our coaching staff brings decades of experience to the gym, including former Junior Olympic and University gymnasts to coaches of Junior Olympic and elite gymnasts, U.S. National Champions and National team members (see "STAFF" tab). Our staff also brings a well-rounded approach to the sport of gymnastics. If "winning at all cost" is your objective, we're not for you! We stress the importance of doing your best - giving 100 percent through hard work. If you do that, you will win, in one form or another! The philosophy at VIGS closely mirrors the statement above by Pierre de Coubertin. This program was founded on the belief that there can be a place for everyone on the competitive field - and the reality that a rare few will ever make it to the top. It must therefore be the process, and not the outcome, that is emphasized. Character, indeed life, is truly shaped by the day to day toil and struggle that is the measure of the human spirit. Accomplishment and success come to fruition only after the sometimes long and arduous process. Our challenge then, is to nurture the student-athlete in that healthy, wholesome, enjoyable environment, stressing sound, progressive fundamentals, so as to become a model for others to live by. Success, in its own disguise for each of us, will follow.

Because safety is first and foremost, all of the coaching staff at VIGS is Nationally Safety Certified and background checked by USA Gymnastics! In addition our staff is Safety Certified in-house as well as CPR and First-Aid certified!

Whether they go on to be a state champion, Olympian, or not, we're proud of every athlete we've ever coached, from the Developmental team member, to Elite gymnasts Courtney Sarrett and Olympic Champion Courtney Kupets (Kupets began as a pre-schooler and was with us through level six - how's this for a cute early Olympian photo!). 



In the last eighteen years our competition teams have built a fine tradition of success:

  • 6 U.S.A. Gymnastics State Championship Titles
  • 48 U.S.A. Gymnastics State Championship All-Around Titles
  • 191 U.S.A. Gymnastics State Championship Event Titles
  • 3 A.A.U. National Championship All-Around Titles
  • 122 U.S.A. Gymnastics J.O. Regional Championship Qualifiers
  • 41 U.S.A. Gymnastics J.O. Regional Team Members
  • 12 U.S.A. Gymnastics Regional Event Titles
  • 4 U.S.A. Gymnastics Regional All-Around Titles
  • 1 U.S.A. Gymnastics Regional Elite Qualifier
  • 1 U.S.A. Gymnastics Regional Elite All-Around Title
  • 1 U.S.A. Gymnastics Regional Elite Event Title
  • 7 U.S.A. Gymnastics J.O. Eastern Nationals Qualifiers
  • 6 U.S.A. Gymnastics J.O. National Championship Qualifiers
  • 11 A.A.U. National Championship Qualifiers
  • 1 U.S.A. Gymnastics U.S. Challenge, Elite Nationals Qualifier

Graduating student-athletes from Virginia International Gymnastics Teams have gone on to study and pursue N.C.A.A. gymnastics careers at colleges and universities across the nation, including Radford University, James Madison University, Virginia Tech, The University of Virginia, The College of William and Mary, North Carolina State University, Towson State University, California State University at Fullerton, The University of Alabama, Iowa State University and West Virginia University.

For more information on our team program:

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